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The earliest poems in Wife of the House were written 30 years ago when I was a young wife, IMG_2327stay-at-home mother and stepmother. The poems helped me work through being, at times, overwhelmed and frustrated in the process of trying to balance personal and spiritual needs with the needs of my family. Even though a number of the poems have been individually published previously, when Raincloud Press asked to bring the book out, I hesitated and thought, why go back?

Editing the book created an emotional impact that was surprisingly strong. I am now a raja yoga, meditation and hatha yoga instructor, and my current lifestyle does not easily mingle with some of the raw struggles depicted in Wife of the House. For example, when faced with the fierceness of a poem such as “An Unwanted Visitor” (especially when the unwanted visitor, in this case, was anger), my current self was at first somewhat shocked, even embarrassed.

I have been reminded, once again, in preparing Wife of the House for publication, that my quest flowerfor love, peace, harmony, is a continuing journey. I remind myself not to be complacent. Wisdom practice asks me to be willing to face all aspects of my humanity, so that it seems foolish to be ashamed of who I am or have been, because every experience is potential fodder for growth.


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