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Reading President Obama’s 701 page book, I found it helpful to have speed reading skills through the (often quite necessary) details of policy information. In spite of that, the heartfelt, excellent writing, honesty, willingness to consider opposing views and intelligence steeped with compassion all bring me back to that memorable day after the 2008 election.

I was filled with joy. On my 2 mile hike in a nearby CA State Park down a fire road, I saw a young man walking towards me. I yearned to share my happiness, but as we passed each other, his eyes were closed. His face was blissful. I wondered; maybe he doesn’t want to interrupt his bliss. Maybe he fears I had voted for the opposition. Maybe there is a racial element, because I am white, and he is black. Whatever the reason, we were shy and/or too afraid to break through our imaginary separation.

Reading this book makes me better informed and also more appreciative of President Barack Obama’s behind-the-scenes process. This is an invaluable, historical masterpiece sprinkled with endearing personal insights. I am most moved by what I perceive to be President Obama’s continuing quest for self awareness.

Gudrun Mouw
January 5, 2021

A Book Review