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Wind has seeded spring with Lupine, Poppies,
and Purple Sage. The sun is warm, but cold breezes
bring anxious news of the world’s worst,
current and violent dictator. April flies in every direction.
Be ready….May impatience flip to mercy.

-Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

October has passed. That bomb cyclonedidn’t get us. A month of forgivenesshas passed. I forgave myself and others. Now here is November’s Balanced State,

calm and cool. Our mini meadow greens
from rain in recent weeks.After many drought months—a sweet revival.

November, 2021(c) Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

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we drink ocean air

refreshed by breeze

and October sun.

So far I am surviving

another nightmare

of bullies, liars and cheaters.

Oct. 13, 2021(c) Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

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I had a moment when presence spoke up.
I was weaving back and forth, up and down
through the oak forest, suddenly, Ms. Presence
appeared: from branches, dips, mounds, holes, dirt,
wild grasses, that child’s voice came forth,
“Here I am. Watch me!”

September 23, 2020
(c) Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

The tree that sheltered us
during the long ago storm
that blew off the cottage roof,
that hundred some year old tree fell uphill
creating a weave of dry, tangled limbs.

This drought goes beyond the beyond.
I carry water until it hurts;
dishwater is not wasted,
but my tears are not enough.

Gudrun Mouw (c)
August 22, 2021

A Poem

So sorry readers, I rushed to post

forgetting that: “A poem is never finished,

only abandoned.”



At 5:00 pm
guards would start collecting women;
children looked through bombed out eaves
to see stars, sometimes the moon.
Once there was a different kind of light—
something conscious.
A child inhaled the essence
like food she was not getting.
Rachel stretches. This 70 years old memory,
she thinks, and now another dangerous era.
The pandemic needs drastic measures.
And the horse porch hearth glows;
new beams mix with old.
We watch home movies.
The hitching post stands idle.

(c) Gudrun Mouw

April, 2020

A Poem

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