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Fingers crossed, From Ashes Into Light has gone through it’s last rewrite, and the proof is in hand. Gudrun has worked tirelessly to get this version done in time for an August submission to major reviewers. Thank you to all our test readers, especially a few Native Americans who commented on the Native characters in the book, and led to the latest rewrite.


FrntCvrOnlyNewBlueViolet90Beginning August 1st there will be two copies of the advance copy of the book available in a giveaway from Goodreads. Join Goodreads and enter the lottery for a chance to receive a copy almost 6 months before the publication date. We will be doing giveaways up until pub date, so tell your friends, and keep posted here for the latest. If you know any bloggers, radio hosts or other reviewers who might be interested, have them email me (the publisher: raincloudpress@gmail.com) for an advance copy!

Expected publication date is now 2/26/16

ISBN 978-941203-07-1

240 pages, hardcover



Erika Lunder

Raincloud Press

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