Author: <span>Gudrun</span>

A calm, overcast morning casts
a welcome change. Alas, no needed rain
only a hint of moisture, yet I linger
over a second warm cup.

This is the world of my life:
quiet, grateful and old. May all be
greater than less. May all be kinder
than unkind.

A Poem

Wind has seeded spring with Lupine, Poppies,
and Purple Sage. The sun is warm, but cold breezes
bring anxious news of the world’s worst,
current and violent dictator. April flies in every direction.
Be ready….May impatience flip to mercy.

-Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

March, 2022

Courage! A big north wind has
invaded our land. Chill attacks
my bones. The world crashes
into conflict. Humans die;
many more injured
for life.

(c) Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

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January 6, 2022

Walking towards winter sun, facing
the old growth, oak forest,
I meditate; a memory arises
of that man in a shirt with the name
of a place the Gestapo had decided
to send my grandfather so long ago.
Shocked that this fresh new year should display
such a shirt once more, along with violence and hate.
My shoes are soaked with tears
glistening in the grass.
(c) Gudrun Mouw


October has passed. That bomb cyclonedidn’t get us. A month of forgivenesshas passed. I forgave myself and others. Now here is November’s Balanced State,

calm and cool. Our mini meadow greens
from rain in recent weeks.After many drought months—a sweet revival.

November, 2021(c) Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

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we drink ocean air

refreshed by breeze

and October sun.

So far I am surviving

another nightmare

of bullies, liars and cheaters.

Oct. 13, 2021(c) Gudrun Mouw

A Poem

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