Writing versus Typing

The pen feels awkward in my hand. I see that the last journal entry was written on Jan. 1. Whereas, the last computer generated “Note” was typed on Jan 23. Is this a trend?

As a writer, creating letters, words and sentences on paper is a different process than striking the keyboard. The kinetic sensation of writing goes beyond subject matter. How I’m holding my pen, or pencil, how different pressures affect what shows up on the page, the immediate and visible presence of ongoing corrections, additions, deletions, even the color of ink used; many such factors impact the writing experience.

In spite of a perfectly sized journal, hard covered, easily mobile, conveniently lined, glaring back at me is something that often seems uncomfortably messy. The computer, on the other hand, efficiently hides the less tidy aspects of the writing process. Still, I remind myself; each approach provides a unique value.

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  1. Abhaya said:

    I used to write with fountain pens: I loved the sensation when they would flow smoothly and it grated my nerves when they would scrape or stick. I loved the act of dipping in to the blue ink and then dipping in the next time to the green ink and watching the colors change gradually. Reading your blog makes me want to pull them out again and play not with words alone, but with words and color.

    February 6, 2018

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