Blood Super Moon


The day of the Blood Super Moon, I listened to Oprah’s interview of former President Jimmy Carter. She asked him for tips on maintaining a positive long-term relationship.


One of the things he said, was that he and his wife still continued to make the effort to do something new together. I thought this to be very good advice. I’ve noticed, within myself as part of the aging process, that it often seems easier to fall back into comfortable patterns.


That evening, my partner said, “let’s go watch the blood moon.” I had never seen this phenomenon and agreed, even though the name triggered certain unpleasant connotations. Outside, I had brief thoughts about the local mountain lion and bear in our adjacent forest as we walked through darkness away from the house.


We sat on the love seat-sized swing by our cottage, opposite the oak forest, which glowed at the crown of its trees with a long line of white light. That auric light shifted as I looked higher into the sky. And there it was—the red moon. We were mesmerized and silent.


We waited until the moon’s unusual color faded before we headed, slowly, back to the house. We stopped several times to deeply breathe in air so fresh it seemed to stimulate every cell in the body. I know this night will be remembered by us both. How sad it would have been, if I had allowed old patterns to get in the way of a new experience.



Gudrun Mouw

Sept. 27, 2015


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  1. Cathy said:

    Thank you for this sweet nudge. Much appreciated. We were engaged watching the Pope on live TV but managed to peek outside at the moon. Your evening sounds so nice. Do one thing well. May I remember!

    October 4, 2015

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